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Re: install script

Hello Laszlo,

Could you give me the output of the qmail-getpw test ? That's a very
important test, since it tests a lot of your configurationsettings.
Eg: qmail-getpw test kishonti.hu
Could you also try without 'autohomedir' ? Just to make detection of
the exact problem somewhat easier.
Btw: password 123456 won't work. It needs to be encrypted.

Kindly regards,
Michael Devogelaere.

On Thu, 15 Mar 2001, Laszlo Kishonti wrote:

> Michael, thank you for the fast answer.
> I send you the full install script for my pgsql-qmail setup.
> The script runs without any errors, however after that I cannot start any qmail daemons with the djb rc script.
> (This is for my trial server, with the hostname kishonti.hu for anyuser@xxxxxxxxxxx email addresses.
> I inserted a test user in the passwd table to try it.)
> Thank you for the help,
> Laszlo
> #!/bin/sh
> cp /usr/inetdownloads/qmail-1* /usr/src
> cp /usr/inetdownloads/qmail-pg* /usr/src
> cd /usr/src
> gunzip -d qmail-1*
> tar -xvf qmail-1*
> mkdir /var/qmail
> groupadd nofiles
> useradd -g nofiles -d /var/qmail/alias alias
> useradd -g nofiles -d /var/qmail qmaild
> useradd -g nofiles -d /var/qmail qmaill
> useradd -g nofiles -d /var/qmail qmailp
> groupadd qmail
> useradd -g qmail -d /var/qmail qmailq
> useradd -g qmail -d /var/qmail qmailr
> useradd -g qmail -d /var/qmail qmails
> gpatch -p0<qmail-pgsql-latest.patch
> echo -I/usr/local/pgsql/include >/usr/src/qmail-1.03/pgsql.headers
> echo -L/usr/local/pgsql/lib -lpq >/usr/src/qmail-1.03/pgsql.lib
> cd /usr/src/qmail-1.03
> make setup check
> ./config-fast kishonti.hu
> useradd -d /export/home/admin -m admin
> su admin -c "/var/qmail/bin/maildirmake $HOME/Maildir"
> su admin -c "echo ./Maildir/ >~/.qmail"
> echo admin@xxxxxxxxxxx >/var/qmail/alias/.qmail-POSTmaster  
> echo admin@xxxxxxxxxxx >/var/qmail/alias/.qmail-root      
> echo admin@xxxxxxxxxxx >/var/qmail/alias/.qmail-mailer-daemon
> chmod 644 /var/qmail/alias/.qmail*
> make sqlcreatehomedir
> cp sqlcreatehomedir /usr/local/sbin
> chown root:nofiles /usr/local/sbin/sqlcreatehomedir
> chmod 475 /usr/local/sbin/sqlcreatehomedir
> psql -d template1 -U postgres -c "CREATE USER usermgr WITH PASSWORD 'secretdb' CREATEDB;"
> psql -d template1 -U postgres -c "CREATE USER userconsult WITH PASSWORD 'readonly' NOCREATEDB;"
> psql -d template1 -U usermgr -c "CREATE DATABASE userdb;"
> psql -d userdb -U usermgr -c "CREATE TABLE passwd (login varchar(64) NOT NULL, uid int NOT NULL, gid int NOT NULL, home varchar(200) NOT NULL, virtual_host varchar(64), password varchar(13), hardquota int DEFAULT '0', startdate datetime DEFAULT now(), stopdate datetime DEFAULT 'infinity', enabled bool DEFAULT '1', PRIMARY KEY (login,virtual_host));"
> psql -d userdb -U usermgr -c "GRANT SELECT ON passwd TO userconsult;"
> psql -d userdb -U usermgr -c "GRANT ALL ON passwd TO usermgr;"
> psql -d userdb -U usermgr -c "CREATE TABLE locals (virtual_host varchar(64) PRIMARY KEY);"
> psql -d userdb -U usermgr -c "GRANT SELECT ON locals TO userconsult;"
> psql -d userdb -U usermgr -c "GRANT ALL ON locals TO usermgr;"
> psql -d template1 -U postgres -c "ALTER USER usermgr NOCREATEDB;"
> psql -d userdb -U usermgr -c "ALTER TABLE passwd ADD COLUMN lastlogin DATETIME;"
> echo db_use yes >>/var/qmail/control/sqlserver
> echo check_host yes >>/var/qmail/control/sqlserver
> echo connectionstring user=userconsult password=readonly dbname=userdb >>/var/qmail/control/sqlserver
> echo popconnectionstring user=usermgr password=secretdb dbname=userdb >>/var/qmail/control/sqlserver
> echo dbtable passwd >>/var/qmail/control/sqlserver
> echo autohomedir yes >>/var/qmail/control/sqlserver
> echo virt_host_field virtual_host >>/var/qmail/control/sqlserver
> echo login_field login >>/var/qmail/control/sqlserver
> echo uid_field uid >>/var/qmail/control/sqlserver
> echo gid_field gid >>/var/qmail/control/sqlserver
> echo home_field home >>/var/qmail/control/sqlserver
> echo quota_field quota >>/var/qmail/control/sqlserver
> echo enabled_field enabled >>/var/qmail/control/sqlserver
> echo startdate_field startdate >>/var/qmail/control/sqlserver
> echo stopdate_field stopdate >>/var/qmail/control/sqlserver
> echo passwd_field passwd >>/var/qmail/control/sqlserver
> echo lastlogin_field lastlogin >>/var/qmail/control/sqlserver
> echo localpop kishonti.hu >>/var/qmail/control/sqlserver
> chown qmails:nofiles /var/qmail/control/sqlserver
> chmod 440 /var/qmail/control/sqlserver
> chown root:nofiles /export/virtualmail/kishonti.hu
> chmod 475 /export/virtualmail/kishonti.hu
> psql -d userdb -U usermgr -c "INSERT INTO passwd (login, uid, gid, home, virtual_host, password, hardquota) VALUES ('test', 10000, 10000, '/export/virtualmail/kishonti.hu/test','kishonti.hu','123456', 2000);"
> echo \#!/bin/sh >>/var/qmail/rc
> echo exec env - PATH=\"/var/qmail/bin:\$PATH\" \\ >>/var/qmail/rc
> echo qmail-start ./Maildir/ splogger qmail >>/var/qmail/rc
> chmod 744 /var/qmail/rc
> exit 0