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Re: [qmail+pgsql] Delivery of messages to db users

> of DNS lookup of remote hosts? I thought patched
> qmail-send would check the DB first and call
> qmail-lspawn for accounts registered in the DB before
> going remote. Please correct me if I am wrong. I would
> be grateful for your help with this problem. Thanks
> again and keep the good work going on. 

It doesn't. Qmail-send doesn't know a lot about the database:
if you don't have a 'locals'-table; it won't even connect to the
database. (Exception: no control/locals-file: it will get all
domains from the database and threat them as if they were in
control/locals - but this only happens at startup or SIGHUP).
Qmail-send bases his decision to start qmail-lspawn or rspawn on
control/locals (or a select distinct virt_host from passwd):
all users in domains, listed in that file, will be handled by
qmail-lspawn. All others are handled by qmail-rspawn.
So i think there's a problem with your control/locals-file.

Kindly regards,