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Re: [qmail+pgsql] Delivery of messages to db users

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your kind reply. Currently, I am facing a
problem with actually having mail messages delivered
to appropriate account. I can see that qmail-getpw
checks the DB and reply the query correctly, however,
I still can't figure out how to make messages
delivered. I have tried to understand your patch
briefly and my understanding of your patch coincides
with your explanation. However, I am stuck at
qmail-send and I can't understand why it calls
qmail-rspawn rather than qmail-lspawn for email
accounts registered in the DB. I tried sending emails
to "virtual" accounts registered in the DB and it
looks like they disappeared into a black hole. I
looked at the log and a DNS look up failure error was
logged. Is the problem related to the SMTP requirement
of DNS lookup of remote hosts? I thought patched
qmail-send would check the DB first and call
qmail-lspawn for accounts registered in the DB before
going remote. Please correct me if I am wrong. I would
be grateful for your help with this problem. Thanks
again and keep the good work going on. 


Se Won

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