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Re: [qmail+pgsql] Delivery of messages to db users

Sorry for the long respondtime: i've been busy ;)
Yes: i'm running a web mail service on the patch: IMP
The patch does basically only alters qmail-getpw.
However some more programs needed changes because:
- i wanted to implement quota in the database by running a
  sort of 'du' in the homedir. There's only one program running
  with the userid of the recipient and that's qmail-local.
  Since i (and a lot of others) wanted to avoid quering the
  database twice (qmail-getpw and qmail-local), qmail-getpw
  gets the quota and passes them as a parameter to qmail-local.
  That's the first modification to qmail-local: parse the extra
  parameter. The second is of course to get the diskspace used
  by the user and compare it with the quota-parameter. It rejects
  the delivery if the user is already over quota. This isn't how
  regular quotas work. Suppose you have a quotum of 5 MB and you
  occupy 4.9 MB and receive a mail of 10 MB. Well, that mail of
  10 MB will get deliverd ! 
- qmail-lspawn invokes qmail-getpw. Since the patched qmail-getpw
  needs two parameters (login and domain), qmail-lspawn splits the
  email-address in two parts: login and domain, and passes them to
- qmail-send was patched to get 'locals' from the database: all hosts
  listed in this table are considered local: users within these domains,
  will be searched in the passwd-file. 
- qmail-inject isn't patched.
What errormessage did you get ?

Kindly regards,
Michael Devogelaere. 

On Sun, 28 Jan 2001, Coolpint wrote:

> Hi fellow qmail+pgsql users,
> I have just learned about the program and first of
> all, would like to send big thanks to everyone
> involved in developing the program. I have
> successfully tested that authentication of users in
> database is verified by qmail-getpw. However, I have
> problems having mail messages actually delivered to
> appropriate mail folders. Only thing I get is an error
> message to postmaster. Has anyone successfuly used the
> patch to provide a web mail service? 
> I still have a lot of questions about how the patch
> fits into Qmail process. I can understand how the db
> is used for verifying users, however, I can't follow
> the exact process of delivering actual mail messages
> to each user in the database. Can anyone kindly
> explain in detail how the patch fits into the process
> along with qmail-inject, qmail-local, qmail-lspawn and
> qmail-send. I will be so grateful to any reply and any
> pointer to useful source of information. 
> Cheers,
> Se Won
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