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Re: virtual domain

My daemon is started with:
su -l postgres -c "/usr/bin/pg_ctl -o '-i -d2'  -D $PGDATA -p /usr/bin/postmaster start 2>&1 | logger -p LOCAL5.notice & " < /dev/null
and in /etc/syslog.conf: local5.*  /var/log/postgresql
You can of course simply start the daemon and watch all messages as they appear on the screen,
but i hate it to restart a daemon each time i want to debug something.


> Hmmm,
> I'm just disable the localtable and sqlcreatehomedir in sqlserver-files.
> After that, the qmail-getpw program says, "Segmentation fault".
> But how can i look into the postgrestql-logs?
> Thanks,
> amin
> Malaysia.