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RE: virtualdomains file

--- Michael Devogelaere <michael@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> A possible problem is with your locals-table: you
> tell the server that it
> only serves 'localdomain.com'. Try to use a
> locals-file and remove that
> line from your sqlserver-file. If that solves the
> problem:

Yes, it solves the problem.

> put that
> line back in your sqlserver-file, and add
> 'mydomain.net' to the table.

which table you mean ?  passwd or locals ?

> Another problem: your connectionstring doesn't make
> sense: qmail doesn't
> know the name of your database: try to add
> 'dbname=...' to it.
> The little qmail-getpw test would certainly fail
> here. 

Yes, it's fail...

> The main reason
> i put that test in the installguide, is that it
> checks a _lot_ of your
> sqlserver-file (it doesn't check pop-related things
> and localtable).
> Could you please run that test ? If it doesn't print
> anything, please
> tell us the exit-status (qmail-getpw xyz
> modomain.net ; echo $?)

I have run the qmail-getpw, but it never give the
from my passwd table.
It's always give the information from /etc/passwd
When i run qmail-getpw with userlogin in passwd table,
it's giving result :

that's all,
Hope somebody will help me immedietly.

Kindly regards,

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