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[qmail+pgsql] Delivery of messages to db users

Hi fellow qmail+pgsql users,

I have just learned about the program and first of
all, would like to send big thanks to everyone
involved in developing the program. I have
successfully tested that authentication of users in
database is verified by qmail-getpw. However, I have
problems having mail messages actually delivered to
appropriate mail folders. Only thing I get is an error
message to postmaster. Has anyone successfuly used the
patch to provide a web mail service? 

I still have a lot of questions about how the patch
fits into Qmail process. I can understand how the db
is used for verifying users, however, I can't follow
the exact process of delivering actual mail messages
to each user in the database. Can anyone kindly
explain in detail how the patch fits into the process
along with qmail-inject, qmail-local, qmail-lspawn and
qmail-send. I will be so grateful to any reply and any
pointer to useful source of information. 


Se Won

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