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Re: pgsql v7.1

Did you upgrade from 7.0 or a previous release ? I've just done the
upgrade to 7.1beta, but didn't have to recompile anything.
Btw: were you able to install their rpm-package ? I had to modify the
     spec, and copy /usr/include/pgsql to /usr/include/postgresql,
     before i could rebuild it. They seem to use some header-files
     from the installed system and not the supplied ones.


On Tue, 23 Jan 2001, Alex Howansky wrote:

> Just a heads-up for everyone, so you hopefully don't make the same stupid
> mistake I did.
> I recently updated my PostgreSQL installation to v7.1 beta on my development
> machine. After a week or so, I realized that I wasn't getting any mail there.
> Doh! Forgot to recompile qmail with the new PostgreSQL libraries...
> (The patch works fine with the 7.1 version, btw.)

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