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RE: postgresql lookup problems.

The maildir quota size limit with qmail+pgsql, does it eventually bounce

I'm seeing alot of repeated "Quota_Exceeded" messages in my maillog..


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From: James Meyer [mailto:james.meyer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, 13 December 2000 6:11 AM
To: qmail+pgsql@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: postgresql lookup problems.

Ok here goes, below is all the information you requested.

Yes it is linked against libpq

the user install  is in the passwd file:

/var/qmail/bin/qmail-getpw  install

this user is in the database and returns nothing on the screen.
[install@netmail install]$ /var/qmail/bin/qmail-getpw  jams 
[install@netmail install]$ echo $?                                      

here are my database definitions.

userdb=> select * from passwd
userdb-> ;
Field       | Value
-- RECORD 0 --
login       | test
uid         | 1500
gid         | 1500
home        | /tmp
virtual_host| netmail.starship.com
hardquota   | 0
startdate   | Sun Dec 10 15:55:13 2000 CST
stopdate    | infinity
enabled     | t
-- RECORD 1 --
login       | jams
uid         | 400
gid         | 400
home        | /tmp/home
virtual_host| netmail.starship.com
hardquota   | 0
startdate   | Thu Dec 14 22:28:04 2000 CST
stopdate    | infinity
enabled     | t
-- RECORD 2 --
login       | alias
uid         | 4030
gid         | 4030
home        | /tmp/h
virtual_host| netmail.starship.com
hardquota   | 0
startdate   | Thu Dec 14 22:29:42 2000 CST
stopdate    | infinity
enabled     | t
(3 rows)
here is my sqlserver file

[install@netmail control]$ cat sqlserver
db_use yes
check_host yes
connectionstring user=usermgr password=secretdb dbname=userdb
#connectionstring host=localhost user=userconsult password=readonly 
popconnectionstring user=usermgr password=secretdb dbname=userdb
dbtable passwd
autohomedir yes
localtable locals
virt_host_field virtual_host
login_field login
uid_field uid 
gid_field gid 
home_field home
quota_field hardquota
enabled_field enabled
startdate_field startdate
stopdate_field stopdate
passwd_field password
lastlogin_field lastlogin 

  Are you sure you're running the patched binaries ? Can you run
  'ldd' on your qmail-getpw to make sure it's linked against libpq ?
  After that: please execute the test, described in the installguide
  and show us the output of qmail-getpw. Also send the database-
  definitions of that user and the alias-user within that domain.
  If it doesn't give any output: please give us the exit-status (type
  echo $? directly after executing qmail-getpw). It would also help to
  post your sqlserver-file.  The permissions specified in the
  are very strict; so i suggest you chmod the sqlserver-file to 444 to
  make sure it's not a stupid 'cannot-read problem'.

  Kindly regards,

  On Thu, 14 Dec 2000, jams wrote:

  > I have read the directions 4 times and followed them to
  > the point of
  > cutting&pasting but it appears that qmail is not using postgres to
  > lookup user names(a strace seems to show only searching
  > the passwd
  > file).  If anybody has any ideas or is willing to
  > interactivly help
  > please respond I would really be grateful.
  > -James
  > james.meyer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx