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Re: postgresql lookup problems.

Hello James,

Some remarks about your sqlserver-file follow. Did you try to connect to the
database with 'psql -d userdb -U usermgr' ? Could you run the postmaster in debug-
mode and watch the connections made ?

Kindly regards,

> [install@netmail control]$ cat sqlserver
> db_use yes
> check_host yes
> connectionstring user=usermgr password=secretdb dbname=userdb
> #connectionstring host=localhost user=userconsult password=readonly 
> dbname=userdb
You don't need this value, if you've already supplied a connectionstring. I left
it in the installguide for backward compatibility.
> popconnectionstring user=usermgr password=secretdb dbname=userdb
> dbtable passwd
> autohomedir yes
> localtable locals
Could you comment 'localtable' ? I don't think you've created such a table.
> virt_host_field virtual_host
> login_field login
> uid_field uid 
> gid_field gid 
> home_field home
> quota_field hardquota
> enabled_field enabled
> startdate_field startdate
> stopdate_field stopdate
> passwd_field password
> lastlogin_field lastlogin