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Re: New to qmail+pgsql

> I haven't read the code yet, so feel free to send me a huge RTFM (or RTFCode 
> better) but how comes the database is not overloaded when qmail receives 
> mails : to deliver the mail, it has to make a sql request to get user 
> informations ?
Qmail has some internal limits:
- it won't handle more than 10 local connections at the same time: maximum
  10 qmail-getpws at the same time (qmail-getpw checks for the user-info) in
  the worst case: normally the mail-delivery takes some time too, in which the
  database isn't queried. You can change this limit (i think), but it's a
  good default. qmail-getpw access the database in read-only mode, while 
  pop/imap can write some information about the lastlogin (or attempt), wich
  stresses the database a lot.
- (not more than 20 remote connections)

You can of course set the same limit on the number of pop-connections, but
users won't like it i think (they don't care about the qmail-limit, since they
don't notice it); so the pop-connections (i think imap too .. Alex ?) cause
most load.

Kindly regards,