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Re: New to qmail+pgsql

Thank you very much for your answer. Very usefull to me.

If my understanding's correct, the pgsql patches won't make qmail unstable 
neither overload it but under heavy pop request, the database server can use 
many ressources, right ?

It sounds good to me.

I haven't read the code yet, so feel free to send me a huge RTFM (or RTFCode 
better) but how comes the database is not overloaded when qmail receives 
mails : to deliver the mail, it has to make a sql request to get user 
informations ?

Thanx again,


Le Mercredi 13 Décembre 2000 12:54, Michael Devogelaere a écrit :
> Hello Philippe,
> I'm using them for about 1 year now in a production environment without
> problems. They support heavy mail-load, but the password-checking mechanism
> can sometimes cause very heave load on my machines.
> This is caused by the postmaster-process (postgresql) and would be solved
> by running the database on another machine. It has nothing to do with
> qmail+pgsql itself.
> Note that i published a small patch today, which fixed some typos when
> running the database with 'check_host no'. Apparently nobody is running
> the system that way, since it won't find any users in the database ;-)
> Kindly regards,
> Michael
> > Hi there,
> >
> > I've been using qmail, qmail-ldap for a while now.
> > I haven't heard about qmail+pgsql before.
> >
> > Could someone tell me the status of the pgsql patches ? Are they stable ?
> > Can I use them in a production environment ? Do they support heavy load ?
> >
> > Thanx in advance,
> >
> > Philippe


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