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Re: New to qmail+pgsql

Hello Philippe,

I'm using them for about 1 year now in a production environment without
problems. They support heavy mail-load, but the password-checking mechanism
can sometimes cause very heave load on my machines.
This is caused by the postmaster-process (postgresql) and would be solved
by running the database on another machine. It has nothing to do with
qmail+pgsql itself.
Note that i published a small patch today, which fixed some typos when
running the database with 'check_host no'. Apparently nobody is running
the system that way, since it won't find any users in the database ;-)

Kindly regards,

> Hi there,
> I've been using qmail, qmail-ldap for a while now.
> I haven't heard about qmail+pgsql before.
> Could someone tell me the status of the pgsql patches ? Are they stable ? Can 
> I use them in a production environment ? Do they support heavy load ?
> Thanx in advance,
> Philippe